The Chain Gang Saga

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As the whip cracks your back, as the fangs sink deep into your tattooed neck, all the days of torture, starvation, and even most recent memories become a blur. The only thing keeping you alive is that hateful seed of VENGEANCE! All you and your fellow companions can recall is that all of you were captured from your clan, family, or just blacked out from drinking somehow ending up in this godforsaken jungle. Looking around you see others with that same dazed look from the toxic inhalation of the strange red orchid like flowers known as Devilkiss. Each endless day you and the rest of the slaves are forced to harvest these seeds from this flower. The snake people known to some as the Yuan-Ti overpower you with their numbers, weapons, and strength. Being subject to the pollens from the flowers you find your strength all but sapped, while the Yuan-Ti seem immune. You notice how all of the slaves including yourself have a tattoo on the back of their necks. Under the scar tissue from numerous bites these tattoos depict a coiling snake made up of chainlinks. Digging deep into your soul you vow to exact revenge on your captors and escape this fucking jungle. During these last couple of days or weeks, time is lost to you, you and a few strong willed slaves devise a plan to escape.


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